Get YouTube Subscribers Free

Get YouTube Subscribers Free in 2019

As you are one of those people who want to know how to get YouTube subscribers free but does not want to buy them. I think I am right.

Some people buy YouTube subscribers online to build an impression of their channel fast but personally, think that it won’t affect as much as the organic subscribers.

Let’s discuss those YouTube subscribers and how to get them organically.

YouTube is the best place to share your ideas through videos. You can attract a lot of viewers if you publish good, original and entertaining videos.

When you attract a good amount of viewers, you will get YouTube subscribers as well. Subscribers are the ones who are interested in viewing more videos from you.

So, the more subscribers you have, the more impact on the visitors of your channel. Here are some great ideas from which you can get YouTube subscribers free.

10 Ways to Get Youtube Subscribers Free

We have covered all the ways that will extremely help you to get more YouTube subscribers free.

1. Create original content

Original Video Content

The key to keeping your audience engaged is to serve content what they want. Usually, it takes some original and unique content to please your audience. So, always make some original and unique videos in order to keep your audience entertained.

When your audience is entertained properly, they will surely share your videos and make you famous on social media.

And DO NOT copy any concept or anything from other YouTubers or your competitors. It takes no time to get the hate spread. So, I repeat NEVER EVER copy anything from your competitors or any YouTubers.

2. Enough length of videos

Video Length

According to research, comparatively longer videos outperform shorter videos. So, do not make short videos like for 5-7 minutes, rather make videos in details that last for at least 10 minutes. An average good performing video is of around 14 minutes. People will avoid watching too long videos. So, make sure your video is neither too short nor too long.

And also make sure your videos are of high-resolution, like 720p or 1080p. People are not interested in watching 360p or 480p videos in this High Definition trend. No matter how good your video is, but if it is low-resolution, it won’t attract many viewers. So, make sure of video resolution and video length.

3. Add relevant videos at the end of the video

Once a viewer completes watching any of your videos, you can show more relevant videos at the end of your video, so the viewer is most likely to click on that related video too.

Suppose you have added a video of any tech gadget review, then you can add more video of reviewing the similar tech gadget, so the viewer is most likely to click on that video as well.

So, that’s how you can drive the traffic from one video to another as well as you will get more YouTube subscribers free.

4. Quality over quantity

Video Playlist

In order to get more YouTube subscribers, you need to always prioritize the video quality over quantity.

Let it be, your YouTube video, blog or anything, always prioritize the quality over the quantity.It does not matter if you produce a hundred video without any proper information, valid source, or perfect editing.

Those videos won’t get enough views, and likes, instead it will receive hatred comments for uploading videos without any proper information. But, only a couple of videos made with proper information, valid source, and good editing and finishing will attract a lot of viewers and soon, it may reach popular videos and attract more and more views and lead to increase your subscriber count.

5. Take care of comments

It is very much important to take care of your viewers by “loving” their comments and replying their comments. You will receive comments thanking you for uploading videos, describing the topic in detail, etc.

Then you have to “love” their comments and sometimes, ask them to like, subscribe and share your video, and the viewer is likely to do so.

So, always take care of the comments of your videos and ask the commentator to spread the love by subscribing your channel. So, this is how you can increase the subscriber count by taking care of the comments on your videos

Want to get views, likes, and subscribers on YouTube in a just few minutes?

6. Make compelling channel description

While the viewers are going through your video, they might read your channel description. So, always make your channel description compelling.

The channel description should be in such a way that the traffic drives from the channel description to your channel. Yet, the description should not be deceived, neither it should be misleading.

The channel description cites what your channel is all about and it should contain only the truth about your channel.

7. Make playlists

Video Playlist

List out the similar videos and make a playlist of it. Suppose if you have made some videos on reviewing books, then make a playlist which of books reviews, so that the viewer can jump to the next video of reviewing another book from the same genre.

So, this is how you can drive the traffic from one video to another and so on how to get YouTube subscribers free. But make sure that one playlist does not have any irrelevant videos in it. Like, do not include a book review video in the playlist of tech gadget review video.

8. Channel icon matters

Create your channel icon bright, colorful and attractive. So, whenever a viewer looks at your channel icon, it makes him/her happy instantly.

So, if you are naive or beginner art designing the logo, hire a professional who can design the logo for you.

A professional has the knowledge of colors knowledge and creativity, so you can get the logo designed with bright color, attractive design which instantly makes the viewer like the logo, and that helps to earn some subscribers quickly. So, always design channel icon carefully and if possible, with the help of a professional.

9. Promote videos in the blog through an embed code

Moreover, if you want to spread your video further, you can add embed video into your blog. Suppose you have made a video on “Augmented Reality” then you can write a blog on it, and add that video to that blog via embed code. Or you can add that video to an already published blog. This way, you can drive the traffic from the blog to your video.

10. Make free eBooks, webinars to promote your channel

To gain more and more subscribers, you need to do extra activities like running webinars as well. So, those viewers know that you are helping them by running webinars.

If you want to be clearer on how to get YouTube subscribers free then you can schedule a webinar and advertise it enough to get some crowd and in the last, you can advertise your channel and appeal the viewers to subscribe to your channel. You can also make free eBooks with enough research and publish it. This is how you can help maximum visitors and lastly, you can tell them to subscribe to your channel. A thankful customer might subscribe to your channel.

So, these are some points through which you can get more YouTube subscribers free and fast. Hope that helps! Feel free to leave comments in the below section. Suggestions are always welcome.

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