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YouTube Advertising

Nowadays video marketing is in great demand because people are engaging with videos much higher than text or images. Majority of marketer and audience have accepted videos as the best format for conveying information to your audience.

Every day tons of videos are being posted on YouTube but very few of them are getting popular. It is very hard to promote your YouTube videos and channel in a traditional way. If you will go in the traditional way then it will take years to make your YouTube channel and videos popular and in that time competitor will overtake you.

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YouTube Advertising

3 Key Factors of YouTube Marketing

YouTube Subscribers

YouTube Subscribers are your passive customers. They subscribed to your channel because they like your videos. They will always get notified whenever you publish your video on YouTube. So they are going to be your first viewer. If you have more youtube subscribers then your videos will get more views. Check, what is your youtube subscriber count?

YouTube Views

YouTube Views are adding value to your published video. If you have more views on your video then it is going to rank up in search results. Another benefit is, if you have more views then the user will be attracted to view your video compared to others who have less view on their video. Always get more views on YouTube to get good results.

YouTube Likes

YouTube Likes make your video more authoritative. It shows that people have viewed your video and liked your video, It means that your video has quality content. The user will tend to view your video if it has a good number of YouTube views and likes. So always publish your video with quality content in your YouTube Video.

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